Hey, MTV, my name’s Anne Merrill – welcome to my blog.

The concept of Velvet Indigos started as the passion project of a wild-hearted college student seeking an outlet for creative exploration. Each day was the same mundane monotony of class, a Netflix episode or two, and more class. My spirit was quickly deteriorating, and I knew there had to be a way of fixing that.

I’ve always had a wander’s soul and a desire to constantly seek out the more in this life. Sometimes thats through adventures through the unknown, a risky choice in fashion, or simply navigating my everyday life. I’m a wild child by blood – I just can’t help it. I live life how I encounter it, without fear and with the knowing that each day is a unique blessing. I choose to embrace this life, which I’ve had to learn the hard way through my battles with depression & anxiety, but that’s what makes it so special now.

Right now, I’m creating a digital footprint of who I am, where I am, and what I am becoming. I see life in beautiful color and follow the magic of it all – so, please, follow along with me. I’m sharing my favorite fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips for the bohemian soul through my travels, encounters, and basically, wherever I am in life. Feel free to explore around and find inspiration, seek out answers to your questions, or just say hey.