Wow, is this what winning an Oscar feels like?

I’m kidding, I’m kidding — you’re probably a lot like me right now, right? Just moments ago I frantically scurried to click that little plus sign to open a new tab, fingers quickly typing away the ‘Liebster Awards’ into Google, and scrolling endlessly to figure out what exactly this is. Does that officially solidify my status as a newbie? Over the last few months, I’ve enjoyed my exploration through the world of blogging’s ups and downs and have cherished each moment of it. So, thank you for allowing me a space to do so, but let’s get going on the fun part, yeah?

What is a Liebster Award and what truly does it mean to be nominated?

Basically, from my research, I’ve learned that the Liebster Award is the blogging community’s way of awarding new and inspiring bloggers and lifting each other up. The award is given to bloggers by other bloggers and encourages further connection with those who inspire them.

I was nominated by the lovely Karen, and I cannot thank her enough for that! Make sure you head over to her blog and check out what she’s been up to via her anecdotes —  also, did you know she lives in Indonesia? Maybe that’s the lame American in me, but I think that so freakin’ cool. My little blog started as a simple passion project, a place where I could creatively decompress, but has since become so much more in such little time. I’m immensely thankful for each person that has allowed me to do this and supported me. Just insert a really basic, sentimental, and cliché spiel here, okay? 



1). I’ve got an obsession with the 70s and wish my life was a disco seriously. I’ve got a disco ball in my room that’s just magical when the light catches it during the golden hour and may or may not own a pair of platform go-go boots. 

2). My music taste is literally all over the place, like I’m pulling up my Spotify statistics as I write this (Did you know you could do that? Open this is a new tab to see yours!) and it’s a mess. But, I’ve always been an Indie-pop type of girl. And DRAKE. Always, always Drake. I saw him in concert two years ago and literally cried in the 8th row? The 1975 will always have a special place in my heart, too, as probably my favorite band of all time.

3). Speaking of music, my blog title is loosely, kinda, sorta inspired by a song by LANY. There’s a line in there where he talks about how he loves the way her green eyes mixed “with that Malibu Indigo,” and I became obsessed. That one little phrase of Malibu Indigo captivated my mind forever and even purchased it as my domain. But, I got a lil nervous about copyright and played around with various things. Violet Indigo really stuck for awhile, but I didn’t like the two colors and somehow decided that Velvet was similar enough. And, now we’re here?

4). I’m obviously incapable of writing brief facts about myself. I like to talk a lot, okay?

5). Over the years, I’ve gathered a collection of confetti that is tucked away in the back of my room. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always loved grabbing a few pieces of confetti or streamers from concerts that I’ve been to and keeping them as memories.

6). Also on the note of collecting things, I’ve also got a shoebox full of dried flower petals. They’re all from various flowers I’ve received throughout my life — birthdays, valentine’s days, graduations, just for funs — and I plan to use them at my wedding. 

7). I’ve worked as a stylist at Free People, but I’ve also spent a good majority of my summers as a lifeguard and swim coach. I love the water, like that is my ultimate happy place. You know how when you’re above water and everything’s loud and crazy, but as soon as you take a deep breath and go under it’s a whole new world? Yeah, that’s my favorite thing. I’d be a mermaid if I could.

8). There’s a part of me that wants to be a groupie, y’know, that whole Penny Lane vibe. I think I’d be good at it, but my bank account says otherwise.

9). I have one tattoo —  a star on my left pointer finger. 

10). LAST ONE, BEST ONE? No, not really, but it’s a cool little tidbit. I got to be in the Hannah Montana movie when I was in middle school. So, that basically means I’m a celebrity, right? It’s my one claim to fame.

Basically, to officially commemorate your award, you’re supposed to list 10 facts about yourself, answer any of the questions the person who nominated you asked, ask your own, and continue it on.

Karen asked the following — 

What are the top three things on your 2018 bucket list? 

I would say making time and really committing myself to this blog and 10,000 followers on Instagram is a big one, make it to the Seven Magic Mountains before the exhibit closes, and do goat yoga.

What is your favorite quote?

“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart: I am, I am, I am,” by Sylvia Plath from the Bell Jar. I’ve struggled with anxiety and severe depression, and that book holds a special place in my heart.

Who inspired you to start blogging?

Oh, gosh, I don’t even know? I love Tezza and so many others, but I don’t think my inspiration came from one single person or thing. I’ve always kind of liked to document my life.

Alright, now it’s my turn to nominate a few inspiring ladies that I’m obsessed with.

Sydney Wilhem.

Blue Eyed Blondie.

Katching Up.

& more to come.

Liebster Awards Rules:

★ Post the award on your blog
★ Thank the person who nominated you and posts a link to their blog.
★ State 10 random facts about yourself.
★ Answer their questions about yourself.
★ Write your own questions for your nominees.
★ Nominate between 5-11 blogs that you feel deserves this award.
★ List these rules in your post.
★ Notify the bloggers that you have nominated them for the award.



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