Oh, I’m sorry, the old 1998 couldn’t come to the phone right now. Why? ‘Cause she’s dead.

Listen, I’ve always had a thing for vintage looking film. The grittiness of the image, the sudden rush of oops, what light leak might I get this time around, and the happy accidents that spur from them. Maybe it’s because I was born in ’97 and really didn’t see much of a digital camera until the late 2000s. Like, I still remember dropping off film with my mom at the corner store? I think they’re something timeless and enchanting and can tell a thousand stories. Truly, I hope we don’t ever live in a world without their magic.

I asked for an ORIGINAL old-school polaroid camera for christmas one year in middle school — what freaking child asks for a POLAROID for Christmas instead of the new Iphone? Me, and I’ve still got my baby here with me to this day.

I only bring her out once or twice when the mood is right, since I’m super paranoid of her (this far into a post, i’ve already assumed her to be female, so I feel like we need a name? We’ll work on that later, okay!), because she doesn’t work like super popular Instax Mini types. It takes t-e-n l-o-n-g seconds in our fast pasted world to just load the flash. Sometimes, she even takes a little bit longer to capture the imagine, but that’s cool. ‘Cause all of me, loves all of you; love your curves and ink smudged edges, all those perfect imperfections.

It’s all about that vintage magic, baby!



If you’re loyal enough to follow me on the ‘gram, you’ll notice that a recent picture I posted included an eye-catching orange leak and the vintage analog date running down the side — Michelle, can you handle this? With a little bit of that Instagram prep of Lightroom Editing to fix the cheeto-skin that occasionally comes with a shot. And to add some stars, who’s gon’ stop me?

(ALSO, that’s a whole ‘nother series, sagas, full-length feature film movie when it comes to what I’ve use when it comes to Instagram and the crazy, CRAZY idea that someone made up of have strategically planned out and flawless feeds. I eat easy mac for dinner still, I’m SORRY if my reds don’t match up all the time!)

Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe it’s Huji Cam.

God, I wish this was a sponsored post, but NOPE. This is just me falling into the category of every #basic a*s white girl on social media. There’s nothing completely mind blowing about this app. I don’t take a picture looking like Jabba the Hut and come out looking like Beyonce — mother of three children & pulled one on Jay-Z — Knowles who still looked **flawless halfway through her Coachella set. But, it’s FUN.

Literally two days ago I was complaining to my roommate (Do I ever go a post without mentioning her? Is that safe? Do we need distance?) that I had gone out and purchased a couple disposable cameras before a big event we had last night. I was feeling nostalgic and craving that rush of who the heck knows whose hands that camera might end up in and what we could capture of our night.

Would any of them turn out cute? Would someone’s finger cover up half the image? It’s a game of film-roulette.

2018-04-18 22:46:47.499

i.e. a happy accident from so-and-so’s (ok, u know what, probably  just me and my friend margarita’s) finger, but we don’t judge around here.

The lil dream of mine quickly dwindled when I, sitting in my comfortable room with no bra on, finally discovered what this intriguing little app that Selena Gomez and Dior models have been throwing over their shots lately.

It’s designed to “make your moments as precious as the feeling of analog film and with old memories.” So, y’know, the nostalgia factor is totally there. It really does pump up the feelings of the good ‘ole days when you’re in the application.

When you first open it, the app’s main screen looks like the back of a disposable camera from the past, with a tiny little viewfinder up in the lefthand corner. Fun fact here: I thought you had to shoot your photos through the tiny viewfinder that is not very easy on screen — BUT THEN HERE’S THE GAME CHANGER. If you put your eye up to it like you’re looking through it, the app automatically opens up to a full screen camera.

You can go into Settings under the Lab button to pick if you want your camera to automatically open to full view.

I’ve had a lot of fun messing around with it, and if you know me, you know I love making videos on the VHS Cam app. You can play with the amount of light leaks you want in your picture, but again, I like the surprise.

2018-04-19 19:10:16.609

There’s no more winding up your disposable, prayin’ to God you’ll have enough film stuffed somewhere in your purse. Just open, click, and go. It’s as plain and easy as that for some super cool photos.

I’ll for sure keep using it some more this week (check back to this post to see if update with any cool pics!), but I will always, deep down be loyal to my film cameras when I’m going for this vibe. Huji on the run? Yes, absolutely, a game changer.

Have y’all’s Instagram feeds been swarmed with these pictures?

If so, what are your thoughts about them? Let’s chit-chat. Is it a fad? Or here to stay? Honestly, I’m cool with Huji hanging out for a bit. ttyl,



    • annemerrilll
      April 25, 2018 / 2:46 pm

      Thank you so, so much!

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