testing, testing — is this thing on?

testing, testing — is this thing on?


Well, in the wise words of one of today’s most significant philosophers, Drake, we started from the bottom & now we’re here — on this website, writing this post, & embarking on one of the scariest, most vulnerable, & liberating adventures of my life thus far.

Over the last year, I have battled within my own mind with a plethora of things, but at the end of the day, things have always swirled back around to this idea, this concept — this blog. I’ve never really been good at making decisions, whether that be on dinner plans, where I’d attend college, or if I want nuggets or a chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A. But, something that’s always come naturally (well, if you excluded those #awkward years in middle school that still haunt you to this day) is fashion. It’s always been there, scattering itself throughout my memories & my current days.

One of my favorite toys when I was younger was this old, pieces missing toy that was my aunt’s in the 80s. There were three parts to it — a top, middle, and bottom — that you could mix and match to create whatever outfit you wanted.  After that, you would lock it down & ferociously rub a crayon over it, where the raised edges of the plates would catch the pigment & leave you with your own fabulous woman wearing her own fabulous outfit. It was magical, truly, & though my canvas is much larger than a piece of printer paper now, I still crave to create that magic for myself & others.

To me, there’s no better compliment than someone asking where you bought your shirt, or if they could borrow this & that, or if you would help them pick a dress out to wear for that special date with that special boy. So, with this blog, I’m not looking for those types of comments, because I’m learning to have my own confidence, but I’m hoping to inspire & guide others on their own journey towards gaining confidence with not only their own personal style, but also becoming comfortable with coloring outside of the lines of fashion.

What’s the number one thing holding you back in life? Mine was fear —  the fear of embarrassment, failure, & ultimately, the fear that I was allowing my own fear to hold myself back. So, if you will, follow me along my journey & let’s break these fears together.


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